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Marina / Pacific Heights

The Marina's boutiques and 餐厅 attract a hip, 年轻人群, while the views and stately homes of Pacific Heights take your breath away.

Palace of Fine 艺术 at night.
Palace of Fine 艺术 at night.

Along the city's northern shore lies the Marina District, an area that's continually evolved throughout its history — from ocean dunes to exposition grounds to fishing haven to quaint residential area — and has been shaped by each of its former selves.

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Enjoy a sunny afternoon stroll down Union Street past many boutiques, spas and 餐厅 housed in beautifully restored Victorian buildings. Marina Green, ringed by bobbing boats and serenaded by foghorns, is picturesque.

An Instagram favorite is the Palace of Fine 艺术. Its arresting Greco-Roman-style rotunda and majestic colonnades never fail to impress visitors and many wedding photographers favor the site.

Fort Mason Center for 艺术 & 文化, a converted military base, is home to arts organizations and 脱离电网, a regular food truck gathering.

Excellent dining, from fast casual to three-course indulgences, can be found along Chestnut Street. Reserve a table at the Michelin-starred 工作室Crenn for a superb prix fixe menu that changes with the seasons.

For some of the city’s best views, climb the steps on 菲尔莫 or Lyon streets to Pacific Heights, which rests atop a ridge to the south of the Marina. This tony neighborhood features exquisite homes, including the one that doubled as the Hillard residence in 夫人. Doubtfire. Fine boutiques and bars with sidewalk seating can be found along 菲尔莫 Street, which gradually slopes down through the neighborhood before taking you to 结合 and other destinations.

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